Frankincense Essential Oil and Cancer

First of all... no, frankincense essential oil can not cure cancer. I will take the words of Robert Tisserand about this issue:

Why do they do this? One reason at least is because they are being told, in videos and blog posts, that frankincense oil contains boswellic acid - the antitumoral active ingredient in frankincense gum resin. But it doesn't, and the simple reason is that boswellic acid is much too heavy a molecule to be volatile. The are are several boswellic acids found in frankincense gum resin, and they have molecular weights in the 450 - 500 range. However, volatile molecules - those capable of evaporation - all have molecular weights below 300.

As you can see now, there have been a misinformation about this and it needs to be clarified. I would LOVE to tell you that frankincense essential oil (or any other EO) can cure cancer... but it doesn´t. 

If you need more information about this, please follow the link below and you can read a complete explanation from the expert.

Frankincense Oil And Cancer in Perspective, Robert Tisserand:


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